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Do you have a loved one that needs prayer for divine healing?  We have seen many miracles because we had the faith to create prayer cloths and send out a prayer of faith with an audio CD of the prayer.   In Isaiah 55:11 God's promise is that His word that is sent out will not return to Him void but it will accomplish what He intended it to.  It shall prosper what it was sent for - healing.  Learn more about prayer cloths by clicking below.  We have provided you with a powerful scripture filled prayer for healing both in text form and audio.  .  We have also provided you with healing scriptures from the Bible both written and audio form so that you can both hear them and increase your faith and confess them to establish your healing.  Please print the prayer and rip the audio and use the resources for healing for your loved ones.  God wants us healed.  Jesus never refused to heal anyone that asked.  In almost all cases Jesus healed all who was brought to him for healing. 

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Below is the text formatted in book form using Microsoft Word.  Hopefully the formatting will download intact.  If you print Book #1 first and then turn the pages over to print Book #2 it should compile into a booklet correctly.

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