In addition Pastor David and Selena travel on crusades in Western Kenya and neighboring countries reaching the hard to reach villages and training up Christian leaders.  Their revival meetings are on fire with hundreds coming to Christ, miraculous healings and stupendous deliverance.  We are privileged to support them with both funds and prayer.  Please join us in both.  Type your paragraph here.

The church is much more comfortable but still has a dirt floor.  Work continues on the floor as funds are made available.

Work on the floor of the church continues.  The funds set aside to finish the work was needed to help the survivors of the massacre at the college.  Some of the children killed were New Promise Orphans.



Early days at the church.  Constructions moves forward.

The dream is launched and building begins.


"God showed me years ago that this was the way to reach the world for the Gospel—Africans for Africa. I cannot travel around the Africa villages to raise and train Nationals without you. Thank you for holding up my arms for victory! Together, you and I are reaching the world for SOULS, and helping meet the needs of orphan kids."

Pastor David and Pastor Selena Walukhu

In the beginning at Faith Church of Muhonje

Pastor David and Selena travel to nearby villages in Western Kenya, Congo, Burundi and Uganda to hold revival meetings. 

Years ago Apostle David shared a vision of seeing the gospel preached and Christian churches planted in all of Africa and Asia Minor for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Apostle David M. Walukhu & Selena have been instrumental in planting many churches and creating a network of pastors and churches 2000 strong throughout Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, and Burundi as well as missionaries in Somalia.  Apostle David needs labors for the great harvest in Africa.  This is a year of awakening.  It is a year of miracles.  The multitudes are being saved, healed and delivered during the crusades and meetings David is promoting.  If you are called to go on a mission trip to Africa and participate in the movement of God contact Pastor David (CLICK HERE) 

Pastor David was recently selected to lead a group of 500 pastors / bishops in their home town of Webuye.  If you are being led by the Holy Spirit to stage a conference or be a speaker / teacher to encourage the growing group of spiritual leaders (500 plus) of Western Kenya contact Pastor David (CLICK HERE).

They founded many different ministries but are currently pastoring Faith Church of Muhonje with two compasses and overseeing the care of the orphans at New Promise Home. 


Pastor David and Selena have devoted their lives to helping the children of Africa.  They have turned their home into an Orphanage rescuing many children from the streets and finding foster homes for many more. (Click here to learn more)

They have started construction on a new home for orphans so they can reach more of the hundreds of orphans left to fend for themselves on the streets.  To learn more about the orphans and their needs contact Pastor David (CLICK HERE).



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Faith Church Muhonje

The Church of Muhonje